Based in Christchurch, on the South Island of New Zealand, we are a group of Stand-up Comedians dedicated to bringing Kiwis and visitors to New Zealand the best possible stand-up comedy entertainment, wherever they might be. We strive to embody the values of: Quality, Honesty, Compassion, Professionalism and Positivity. Welcome to our home on The Internet!

Events We Run

Open Mic Night

WEEKLY On Tuesdays | 8pm - 10ish

This show is a great way to experience authentic Christchurch stand-up comedy. On any given week, you'll see a mix of newbies and seasoned regulars of varying levels performing for your entertainment. If you're looking for a cosy spot to kick back with a couple of drinks or bite to eat and have a laugh on a Tuesday, this is the show for you! If you're interested in performing yourself, this is a great no pressure environment to dip your toe in. Just show up at 7:30 and add your name to the list. Easy!

Kensington Fun House - 185 Manchester Street, Christchurch

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Fun House Friday

WEEKLY On Fridays | 8pm - 10pm

Fun House Friday is a selection of the best of our local stand-up comedians with regular national and international guests. Fun House Friday is always run by a professional MC so rest assured you're in safe hands. The best thing is you never know who you might see! This is definitely the show to attend if you want to experience the absolute best that Christchurch comedy has to offer. Comedy can be a great way to kick off your night out, come on in and have a laugh before you hit the town!

Kensington Fun House - 185 Manchester Street, Christchurch

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The Saturday Showcase

MONTHLY On Saturday | 8pm - 9:30pm

Our lineup of 6 hilarious stand-up comedians have been honing their jokes all month, their efforts culminating in this show. The lineup each month features a mix of seasoned comics performing their best jokes for your pleasure, and some newer members of the comedy community getting an opportunity to knock your socks off and prove themselves as a comedian. We are continually impressed with the fire and passion brought out by new and old comedians alike at this showcase.

Kensington Fun House - 185 Manchester Street, Christchurch


Joke Writing Workshop

1st & 3rd Sundays Of The Month | 6pm - 8pm

Whether you’re brand new to stand-up and don’t know where to begin or whether you’re not feeling confident enough to hit the stage with 4 minutes from your hour of memorised one liners, then our joke writing workshop could be for you. We meet up on the first and third sundays of every month and perform some simple writing exercises to get your creative juices flowing, then individual writing time, followed by group feedback, topped off by a go on the mic for anybody who is keen.

Kensington Fun House - 185 Manchester Street, Christchurch

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Poster Gallery


Comedy merch has historically been, for lack of a better phrase; cheesy and dreadful. We are striving to come up with designs that you can wear proudly to support the comedy scene without feeling embarrassed.

Visit The Store

Our merch store is currently powered by Threadless but we are looking to find a reliable, quality New Zealand based company to work with. If you are or know a company that can help and would like to get involved, please get in touch!

About Can Do Comedy

We’re a small, humble and hungry group of performers brought together by a love of performing and a desire to bring the highest quality stand-up comedy entertainment to Christchurch and beyond.

We like to think that our evolution as a group reflects the rebuilding of our City itself.

We feel proud to be sharing our journey of discovery with the various communities of Christchurch as we forge connections, discover and nurture emerging talent and put a smile on everyone's face.

We’re dedicated to making small but significant contributions, through laughter and the arts, to rebuilding the nightlife and vibrancy of inner city Christchurch, while demonstrating the warm humour, creativity, innovation and great hospitality Kiwis are known for worldwide.

Connect With Us

One of our core ideals is that we want to connect with the people of Christchurch through laughter. If you have some feedback for us, want to find out more information about upcoming shows, or want to get on stage yourself, don't hesitate to get in touch below:


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